About Our Ministry

Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries

Wie are divided up into several different areas of purpose, instruction, and evangelism. We are certainly not a monotone organization, as we celebrate the diversity present in the Body of Christ and the differences that we all share as believers who uphold one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of us all. Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino's ministry serves to cover, lead, guide, teach, and instruct those called to ministry in the Body of Christ. Predominately a training and teaching ministry, we have a passion for equipping those called into ministry with revelation, scholarship, and instruction. We offer ordination credentials, appointment credentials, classes, continuing education, and more. Apostolic Fellowship International is the general body of our believers, consisting of ministries that are covered by Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries, while maintaining their own ministry names, work, and identities, as well as the body of churches that encompasses Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT. This is designed to express our true fellowship with one another, that through many ministries all over the world we are still one, and that we maintain our unique call while being part of God's Body.

Apostolic University

Apostolic University is our educational division, acquired in 2004. Formerly Apostolic Preachers College (established in 1996), Apostolic University is one of the only Christian colleges in the world to offer education and training from the Apostolic five-fold doctrinal perspective. Offering degree programs in the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate sector, full-three-year seminary, licensing, seminars, and more, Apostolic University is considered by many to be the new standard in Christian education. Our programs are thorough, our instruction is challenging, and with availability for both on-campus and distance learners, all students have the opportunity to receive high-quality, Christian instruction.

Sanctuary International Fellowship tabernacle - SIFT

Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT is the church body of Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries, Inc. Within the walls of Sanctuary, we provide a spiritual environment for divine flow and a safe place for teaching, instruction, and service. Sanctuary is about creating connection, fellowship, and spiritual insight in a way that is understandable, current, modern, and of value for our times. Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT leaders are those who feel called to be a part of Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries in a direct way, without starting or founding their own ministries. Our members are those who are touched by this work, desire to commit to it, and know they have experienced something with God here that they cannot find somewhere else.